Ryton Organic Gardens Re-visited

Autumn has been very fickle in these parts for the past couple of weeks. On Monday, storm Angus blew in and brought torrential rain and winds. I ventured into the garden for five minutes to collect a few things for my first attempt at taking part in the In a Vase on Monday meme. The rest of the time, it’s been grey and dreary.

Apart, that is, from Friday mornings, which are when I venture over to Ryton Organic Gardens for my RHS Level 2 course in practical horticulture, and for the past three weeks, it has been bright and sunny.


This is the Paradise Garden, a tribute to the late Geoff Hamilton, who was a big advocate of organic gardening. One of my earliest memories of anything gardening-related is of my Mum watching him presenting Gardeners’ World in his lovely gentle way.


Being at Ryton gives me serious greehouse envy.




This week’s work on the course included sorting and turning the contents of the large compost heaps, and spreading some of the well- rotted material onto bare veg plots to protect the soil over winter. That certainly kept us warm.


So yes, Autumn is just beautiful when the sun is out; of all the seasons I think Autumn has the most ethereal sunlight of all, and on a clear morning and it makes the reds and oranges of foliage and berries gleam. It would just be nice if this could be more than a once-a-week occurrence.


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