Frosty Sempervivum

Monday again…The weekend went so quickly; after so many days off at Christmas, a two day weekend went by in a flash.

I have been joining in with In a Vase On Monday, hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, for a couple of months now. Every Monday, gardeners around the world share photos of flowers and foliage of the season from their garden or local surroundings.

In a slight riff on the theme, this week I am sharing a shot of the Sempervivum in my garden, which looked lovely a few days ago with their frost-tinged edges.


They are not quite in a vase, but I do think they look even better in these terracotta pots.

Looking at the forecast here in the English Midlands, it looks like these Sempervivum have got another few blasts of frost to come over the next few days too.

Happy Monday plant lovers!


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  1. Cathy says:

    These are beautiful in a pot, as you say, especially with the frosty covering – and I suppose it wouldn’t even hurt to bring a pot of them inside for a few days to appreciate at closer quarters. I have heard opposing comments about our local weather so will just have to wait and see I suppose…

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    1. Thanks Cathy. Yes, that would be a very nice idea. Still mild here at the moment, we shall see what tomorrow’s forecast of ‘sleet’ looks like when it arrives!


      1. Cathy says:

        The forecast is changing all the time as it is suggesting heavy snow here at 2.00 now… 😉


  2. Christina says:

    Cathy is quite lenient with her rules. The Italian for a pot is ‘vaso’ so it is a vase! The frost crystals looks amazing don’t they?

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    1. Thank you Christina, I feel much better about my rule bending now!


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