Behind, or Ahead of, the Times?

While the online floral world seems to be moving on already from daffodils and narcissi, they are still a few weeks off flowering in the garden. In fact, most of my snowdrops haven’t even opened yet, they seem to be squeezing themselves tight shut against the wind and rain. I had hoped to share some snowdrops for this week’s In a Vase on Monday, but I didn’t want to cut them at the bud stage. We are due some milder (if equally grey) weather this week so maybe they will be tempted to open. If not, I may well harvest a few at the weekend and see whether bringing them into the warmth of the house wakes them up ready for Monday.


Sharing these forced narcissi feels like an odd combination of being both behind and ahead of the times. Behind the florists and floral Instagrammers whose work I love to peruse, who are working with ranunculus and tulips, yet ahead of the natural world where daffodils are definitely coming up, but are yet to flower. On the whole I really don’t go for yellow in the garden but daffodils are allowed to slip through the net because a garden needs all the colour it can get in March. I’m looking forward to their burst of colour but can’t help feel that by then I will be even more impatient for summer annuals and perennials.

The container this week is not a vase, but it is a special one to me, as it’s one of three that were filled with such summer blooms and placed on the top table at my wedding.


What is (or isn’t) blooming in your garden at the moment? You can join in with In a Vase on Monday, hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, to share.



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  1. Love that container – even better that is has such a lovely memory attached to it.

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    1. Thank you Sandra, it is a lovely reminder when I re-use it.

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  2. Cathy says:

    And the pots are all at different stages – did you stagger the planting, or is it a coincidence? The fir cones and twigs really enhance them, don’t they? Thanks for sharing today

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    1. No they weren’t staggered, I’m not sure exactly why this has happened but it is interesting how you can have seemingly identical bulbs in the same conditions and they still flower differently. Nature over nurture.

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  3. Christina says:

    What a clever modern way to display narcissus.

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  4. Narcissi are classic beauties – they’ll never go out of style! I love the addition of the pine cone top dressing.

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    1. Yes you’re right they are, and a real harbinger of spring. Thank you Kris.


  5. I’m with you on the early arrival of flowers that I wasn’t expecting quite yet. My own snowdrops aren’t fully out, and yet already narcissi are supposed to be passé in the eyes of florists?! Not in my book they aren’t. Life is speedy enough and I like to enjoy things in their proper time, so it’s a delight to see your (to my mind) quite early narcissi in your very beautiful wedding container.

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    1. Yes I agree they are very early. Forced bulbs do have their place for providing colour in a very dreary time but they aren’t a patch on the garden grown ones that push out their greenery almost unnoticed and then suddenly one day you see a flash of colour in the garden. I love that about bulbs. Thank you for your lovely comment.


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