One last time around Ryton Organic Gardens

Yesterday was the final day of my RHS practical horticulture course at Ryton Organic Gardens. One of the final assignments to complete was a walk around the gardens, identifying pests, diseases and damage to plants, and their causes.

Which gave me the perfect opportunity to combine this with a last wander with my phone to take some photos.

File_001 (1)

I started my course in late September, so now in June the gardens are looking the best I’ve ever seen them.

The wildflower meadow was a quite unexpected and beautiful surprise tucked away near the back of the site.

File_007 (1)


This is the Paradise Garden, a tribute to Geoff Hamilton who was influential in the growth of the popularity of organic gardening.

File_004 (1)

This is the Rose Garden, my cohort has been involved in maintaining this and we practiced winter pruning the roses here in November. It’s gone wild since I was last here.

File_000 (7)

File_000 (9)File_008 (1)File_003 (1)File_002 (1)

Ryton Organic Gardens is located just outside Coventry and is open every day.


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  1. Eliza Waters says:

    This garden has many fine features – I love the wildflower meadow!


    1. Yes, it’s a lovely relaxed place and they also do a good job of showing lots of organic techniques in use.

      Liked by 1 person

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