In a Vase on Monday: Dramatic re-decorating

On Saturday morning I made a spur of the moment decision to re-decorate the dining room. For logistical reasons, our much-anticipated building work is a bit further off than hoped and I was so sick of living with the grubby, scuffed and tired magnolia walls we inherited in almost every room of the house. The dining room is where I do most of my floral arranging and I wanted a more enjoyable environment to work in. Bouquet made by Stem GingerI’d be lying if I said my choice of colour for the feature wall wasn’t a little bit influenced by my time at the Tallulah Rose Flower School where I attended a course a couple of weekends ago (about which I will soon get around to blogging {she says optimistically}) and was able to capture some shots (sneak peek here) of my creations against a lovely moody grey background.

So, the feature wall in my dining room is now a dark grey, and is every bit as good a dramatic backdrop as I’d hoped for my bright jewel-toned summer flowers.

This Monday vase (or bowl actually) is probably my most riotous yet, so I won’t name everything, but just a few notables:


I adore this dahlia. I haven’t been able to capture a single photo that accurately shows the depth of its true purple colour- it always comes out pinker in photos than in real life. Trust me, it’s the most sumptuous, rich purple you’ve ever seen in a flower.



Now, this zinnia is supposedly ‘Envy’. As in ‘green with envy’. Yes, it’s supposed to be green. It’s almost pure white. If I’m being really kind, it maybe, in the right light, on a good day, has a hint of a green tinge just as the bud breaks. Have I got the wrong seeds or is this what is always looks like and is the promise of a green zinnia just a bit too far-fetched to be true?

In the bottom left of the arrangement are some berries from my cherry laurel hedge. It may be fast-growing and a bit of a thug, but it provides year-round interest with foliage, flowers and berries and it’s doing a grand job (after a severe late autumn haircut) of re-growing tall enough to hide us (at ground level anyway) from the imposing two-story extension that’s just shot up in the garden a few metres behind ours.

In a Vase on Monday is a weekly challenge to gather what’s growing in your garden or local surroundings and share a photo with the community Cathy at Rambling in the Garden has created. Anyone can join in, and it’s a lovely prompt to document the changing of the seasons in your garden.


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  1. Cathy says:

    I see we are going to be in for some real treats after your visit to the Flower School – are they going to keep on getting bigger?! 🙂 Today’s certainly does look dramatic (probably even without your re-decorating!), sumptuous even. Is the spiky white thing another zinnia, or a dahlia? You have some great colours today – and as the ‘green’ zinnias are reputed to be harder to grow we will all b a little envious of yours, even if it does look whote!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Cathy. Who knows?! I expect they will start to get smaller once the garden pickings start to wane. The spiky white is, as you correctly identified, a dahlia not yet fully-opened.


  2. Cathy says:

    That flower course must have had a huge impact on you if it got you redecorating! Your arrangement really is riotous – brimming with colour and flair! Lovely backgrouns colour for the photos too. I had a green zinnia once which slowly changed to a kind of peachy colour as it opened fully! Not sure what colour it was ‘supposed’ to be as it was in a mixed packet of seed. Perhaps yours will turn green later? 😉 Look forward to hearing about the Flower School.


  3. ANNAREED says:

    I’m a gardener and mother of two cute children.
    I love growing my own garden and make sure that my family will have the fresh vegetables.
    Anyway, I love the way you are sharing here.


    1. Thank you! Best of luck with all your gardening exploits.


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