My First Garden

I moved into the Birmingham house with my husband in April 2013. It was a typical Edwardian terrace, the type you see in long rows up and down the country in cities whose populations exploded during the early 20th century.

The garden had obviously been loved once. It had raspberry canes, a tree that we discovered later in the season to be an incredibly bountiful Victoria plum tree, and some lovely hydrangea. But the owners we bought the house from clearly weren’t the ones who had loved it, and they hadn’t done much with it and it in at least ten years except mow the lawn and keep the weeds down. It was looking a bit sorry for itself.

The rest of 2013 was spent on getting the house in order, so I didn’t do much to the outside space. Giving the garden a full year to cycle through the seasons allowed me to see every plant that was in there and how well (or not) it was doing.

The design

In spring 2014, the work on the garden began. I decided on a simple design, for a number of reasons: We were working without much of a budget and doing the work ourselves around full time jobs and continued (endless) house renovation.

We also knew we didn’t plan to live in the house for more than a few years (three as it turned out) so I wanted to do something with quick impact that wouldn’t take years to come to fruition.


The final design had a simple lawn with curved edges, lots of herbaceous perennials in bright colours, two raised beds for vegetables in a gravel path, a home made compost heap and a tidied-up patio area. See what we did in Part 2.






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