My First Garden Part 3

After a lot of hard work in April removing rubble, preparing the ground for borders and a lawn, laying the lawn and filling borders, in May the raised vegetable beds went in thanks to my in-laws.

They were immediately filled with sweetcorn, broccoli, beans and spinach, all started from seed by my Mum in law. By now things were starting to take shape and the perennials were starting to get going.

Even so, looking back I find it amazing that just a month later, in mid-June the garden looked like this


And then in July it really took off

I can’t quite put into words what it meant to see my plans for my first ever garden come to fruition. To have toiled for hour after back-aching hour digging over every bit of ground, removing rubble on rubble to prepare the soil. To have planted out the first herbaceous perennials I’d ever bought, and direct sown summer annuals, and seen them starting to grow and bloom in the soil I’d worked so hard to prepare.

Looking back I am amazed how well-established the garden looked that first summer, and how well-stocked it looked on really a small budget, thanks to plants gifted and grown from seed by both my Mum and Mum-in-law. No wonder I was happy with it!

The full transformation, from April 2013 to August 2014:


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