My First Garden Part 4

March 2015


Early April

I added three trees:the one in the foreground to the right you can just about see (it just looks like a big twig with a label on) is a crabapple. To the back of the garden on the right is a cherry and on the left a plum. I also direct sowed some annuals; you can see the netting at the far end of the garden to keep the birds off.



The Victoria plum tree started to blossom and the tulips flowered.



I planted out some vegetable seedlings (protected by fleece here)…


…and finished the patio: Not a perfect job, as I was just re-using materials from other parts of the garden. As I mentioned, we were busy spending money on the house and knew we weren’t going to be there too many years more so this would do for the time being.






And those are the last photos I have from the Birmingham garden. We moved to Warwickshire in early June 2016, and the process of assessing, watching, waiting, planning, implementing and enjoying started all over again.

The Birmingham garden was the first I’d ever tended. The design (and sometimes the execution) were rough around the edges. But somehow with a garden it just doesn’t matter.

What matters is that the process of transforming it gave me joy. I’m not someone who usually enjoys the process; I just want to get to the outcome. But with gardening there isn’t really an outcome, or not a final one anyway. Gardens are never finished, you’re always planting, moving, dividing, removing and changing things. Plants die, or they grow in ways you didn’t expect, and so there always change, and always work to be done. And (on the whole) I enjoyed that work and took pleasure in doing it, not just in the finished product.