My First Garden Part 2

This post is about the re-working of my first garden, in Birmingham. Part one where I introduce what the garden looked like when we moved in, and the design I came up with is here.

The first job was to remove the concrete slabs for the path down one side of the plot, and get rid of the strange patch of slate chippings in the corner of the patio. I also put some rush screening up on the trellis at the back of the plot.


Next I created the border at the bottom of the garden, marking out the shape for the lawn using the hosepipe.


I put three clematis in to climb the trellis, a selection of perennials, bulbs and direct-sown annual seeds. The perennials were: lavatera, echinacea, peony, hardy geraniums and veronicastrum, and the bulbs gladioli and liatris.

You can see in the photo at the top that there is a step up from the patio to the rest of the garden. The existing small retaining wall was in a mess so I re-built that. You can just about see it in the photo on the right, behind the large amount of earth my husband dug out to clear the area for the gravel path and raised vegetable beds.

Next it was time to dig up the lawn…

…and replace it with a new one


A pristine new lawn and the rest of the garden is an absolute state! In part 3 the vegetable beds go in.